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Friday, August 21, 2015

Impossible Task

I shouldn't have opened up the door to having to find more pictures of Antonio Pozo for this blog. Because 1) there are way too many great pictures to choose from so 2) it becomes hard to choose a theme I wanna go with for a post and then 3) I start to get ideas for making mega-themed posts but 4) I don't have time to do so because that requires way too much prep and planning and so 5) he can't be Man of the Anything right now even though he deserves to be highlighted for at least a week.

Anyway, I went with the theme of squared/instragrammed photos of him wearing beachware. Good enough photos of him to scratch the itch, but not soo freaking great that I feel the urge to find more and more of him as I'm making this post in limited time.

(And yes, the last picture bothers me because the color scheme is different, but oh well)


Hot guys blog said...

Loving even more pics of Antonio Pozo! <3

Anonymous said...

Wonderful selection!