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Monday, August 10, 2015

FMK These Tommy Hilfiger Hunks

Here are 6 guys who are modelling Tommy Hilfiger undies in a locker room. Yes, all of these guys are hot. Yes, any one of us would be lucky to be dating these guys. Yes, we are playing a cruel, superficial game. But damn it, pitting guys against each other is soo much fun!

You have two options in playing the game!

Game 1 is easier:
Choose 1 guy to marry (cuz a polyandry marriage is not acceptable in our society), 3 guys you'd F, and 2 guys you will discard.

Game 2 is tougher. You have to rank them.
1. The guy you will marry.
2. The guy you will date long-term.
3. The guy you will date short-term.
4. The one-night stand.
5. The friendzone (without benefit).
6. The not-in-a-million years.

I've actually placed the guys according to how I would rank them. And I'll also give my reasonings.

The best body of the bunch. The best face of the bunch. The best stance of the bunch. Total package. (He almost inspired a mega-themed LEG post, but I don't have time for that). Of course I would choose to marry him out of the bunch. (And also, I need to know his name pronto!)

I can totally picture myself snuggling up with him in bed. For some reason, he looks the cuddliest of the men. He also looks like the most romantic! But I guess Mr. Nice can't beat the above Mr. Sex-On-Two-Legs.

Another hottie with a great face. I guess he falls a little short-of-perfection because he looks so bored in this picture.

Probably the cutest face of the bunch. But he looks too young for me. Even if I wanted more than a one-night-stand with him, he probably wants to date someone closer to his age.

Okay. Superficial time. His body is the least lean of the bunch. Therefor, the least impressive. If this guy was wearing clothes, he might rank higher up. But taking everything into consideration, I'd be glad to be his workout buddy. And when he changes his diet to get lean again, I'd probably hit on him in the showers.

It's terrible to 'discard' a guy for something he has no control over. But yes, it's the mole-freckles on his body that makes him the least attractive guy in the bunch. (He does have quite impressive obliques). Finally, for the record, if this guy called me up and asked me out in real life, I would be more than ecstatic to accept, and promptly delete this post or reorder him to be on top!

Don't let my rankings sway you one way or another. FMK or Rank them yourself!


Hot Studs said...

I'll try the Game #1:

1. Marry
2. Fuck
3. Fuck
4. Discard
5. Discard
6. Fuck

Think I did it! ^_^

Spear said...

Actually none of them do anything to excite my sexual nature. They may get Tommy Hilfinger hot, but failed here

Ray said...

Guy#1 - Mary (BTW his name is Ryan Ball)
Guy#2 - The One Night Stand
Guy#3 - Date Short Term
Guy#4 - Date Long Term
Guy#5 - Friend Zone
Guy#6 - Not in a million years

Hot Studs said...

Huh, looks like only I played the game by the rules, hahah! :D
And I'm picky, if you didn't know...