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Friday, August 7, 2015


If there is a fitness shop, does that mean we are shopping to own a guy? Or are we shopping for what they're wearing? And what exactly are they wearing?


Anonymous said...

In Germany a "fitness shop" is a shop where people can buy all items about fitness - energy-drinks for example.
The guys are wearing "Lederhosen" - pants made of leather. In Bavaria climate is strong and rocks of alps are sharp. So the workes used these pants because they are able to offer resistance.
Today they wear is because it's masculine to see these strong calfes of the legs and yeah- it's just leather.
Local homo-fashion at it's best!

Rex said...

OMG what great looking German (?) dudes, or mebbe Austrian? I love your fun question (I will take a dozen of those). I think reference is to


Anonymous said...

Holy hell at the body of that guy on the right!

Anonymous said...

Lederhosen inspired shorts. They look cute.

Hot Studs said...

OMFG, what you do to me?! It's crazy, the quality of this image & the dudes in it... <3 Amazing. I love the guy on the right the most, I think.

Rex said...

There are many styles of lederhosen available from Amazon.de! I wish I could order one of those bodies from Amazon too. ;)