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Saturday, July 18, 2015

White Towel Selfies

First, I'm still going to keep the white towel theme, but a few very light colored--almost white--towels will slip in here.

Secondly, before you get bent out of shape and say "Hey, that picture is not a selfie..." Let me explain my criteria for posting the photos: the photo must look like a selfie, even if it isn't one. Obviously, if a guy captures an image of himself through a mirror and you can see the camera, that is a selfie. A selfie can also be extending your arm out and taking a picture of oneself. A selfie can also be posing in front of a timed camera. A selfie can also be asking a nonprofessional friend to take a low-quality image of you. I am also posting images that has 'instragram' qualities that make it look like a selfie.

Wouldn't it be weird if I didn't start off a post with Mario Schafzahl? (You can also blame him in why I'm only featuring white towels...I havne't seen him wearing any colored towels)

Ashley Parker Angel. Bertrand Lim.

Calum Von Moger. Dan Rockwell.

Duncan James. Eliad Cohen.

Eric Turner. Geordie Shore.

Jase Dean. Jerdani Kraja.

Flavour N'Abania. Jacob Sumana.

Lazar Angelov. Stuart Reardon.

Michael Gagnon. Michael Hoffman.

Marc Fitt. Simeon Panda.

And here are unknowns...
(Actually, one of these unknowns is yours truly...can you tell which one?)


Anonymous said...

Again, love the pics! Which pic is you? All of those pics are of gorgeous men, youre hot!!

Hot guys pictures said...

That Michael Gagnon pic seems familiar. :D
Shared it earlier, actually.

Fit Studs said...

Mario Schafzahl is the definition of a real man.

Jan said...

Guessing that you are #4 -- the second from the top on the right column of "unknowns." Whether it's that one or another, congrats on the excellent lean physique. If I'm right, nice treasure trail, too.