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Monday, July 20, 2015

What's wrong with his skin?

Take a good look at the perfect golden-peach flawless skin of Mario Schafzahl's torso...

It's unfortunate for me to report this piece of tragic/horrific news. Something grotesque has developed on Mario's skin, producing weird colors and patterns that almost look like a second layer of skin that is peeling off of him. It's not tattoos or washable ink or tanning spray, or any weird color manipulation of the photos. It's a perplexing skin condition, and it is very sad/upsetting to see it happen to the body of such a beautiful guy.

There are good news and bad news. The good news is that this skin condition has dormant periods, where his torso looks totally normal. The bad news is that there are prolonged active periods where the condition flares up, and when it does, it is super strange to witness. I wonder what kind of disease he has; is it caused by a virus or bacteria? Or is it a genetic mutation, either he was born with, or acquired through some form of radiation? Is it treatable, and what is the best form of treatment?

The following images may be disturbing to some viewers. They have been pixellated as to not offend those who do not want to see Mario's imperfect skin. If you dare, click on each image to see the ever morphing skin disease that often afflicts our man of the month.

During Stage 1, or the mildest stage of the disease, the area of infection is concentrated on the the lower half of his torso. There are also bands of infected skin that run over his pectoral muscles as well. Notice the peel-offable nature of this infection, as if Mario's body is rejecting this foreign pathogen.

But of course this infectious disease will eventually escalate out of control! During Stage 2 of this disease, that band of infection that runs through his pectorals will spreads out even more...leaving only his arms infection-free.

During Stage 3, the infection has taken over Mario's incredible shoulders. Poor guy, he is putting on such a brave face under such difficult circumstances.

During Stage 4, which flares up a great deal during winter seasons, is the last and saddest stage to witness. The infection has spread through across almost the entire length of his arms, stopping around his wrist.

Mario is not one to easily give up in face of adversity. In this picture below, Mario manages to temporarily reduce the coverage of the infection by doing a trick called 'rolling it up.'

And as we've witnessed previously, another trick to temporarily relieve an infected area is called 'lifting it up'.
But there comes a time when even the strongest, bravest of man must accept his fate. In the pic below, Mario is smiling because he has learned to enjoy and take in the beauty that is life even as he deals with this relentless infection.

Mario is not the first nor will he be the last man to be affected by this awful, highly contagious disease. While the infection is not deadly, it is still a serious problem that affects many of the hottest men in this world. So something must be done to combat it! Who wants to join me in a world-wide effort to keep all men who look like Mario Schafzahl disease-free of this skin infection?


Anonymous said...

I understand your concern and your wish to educate people about this disease. But did you consult with Mario whether he wants to be your posterboy for this disease? I read your artical and looked at all the pictures. But Mario seems to be the least worried and showing his body off proudly. And in a lot of the blurred pictures i'm not even sure what i'm supposed to look for? I have a skinn condition called vitiligo. Got white spots all over my hands. I'm used to them. I know I have this disease, won't denie it, don't have a problem with it. But I wouldn't like to be put on the internet with blurred pictures and all, showing my disease. I can't speak for Mario. Don't know his opinion on the matter? I'm sorry for beying such a critic. I know you mean well and mean no harm at all. It's just my opinionand my vieuw on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree somewhat with the other person who posted. I'm not exactly sure what to look for..I must be totally unaware of the medical situation. Second, I think he is still a hunk regardless of his situation as devastating as it may be. He is a beautifully sculpted individual and is still a very hot model.

Thanks for making us aware of the medical reality, but for me, his beauty remains. We are only reminded of our humanity by this infection.

Define A Man said...

I'd like both of you to re-read the post, but now read it as a PARODY/SARCASM. If you're still confused, I'll explain later.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...I get it..Ok...retract my comment.....sorry..I took it at face value and the subtlety of the parody escaped my addled brain...my apologies... But, assume he did have some blemish on his skin..it would just remind us all that nothing lasts forever ...Anonymous of 7 am...

Rex said...

You know, you start fooling around with mother nature and all these synthetic forms of disease will arise... such a tragedy. I appreciate the pixilation, because I was feeling pixilated.

dizzy said...

Holy pixels Batman!

Hot guys pictures said...

Wait, what?! You got me scared, you jerk. :D Just kidding but I just lost the faith in life a little. Hahah, I thought you could be kidding but IDK. I clicked on the photos & they looked pretty normal, that got me in doubt.

Anyways, glad Mario & his skin are healthy. ^_^

Anonymous said...

that was fun:-) thanks

Anonymous said...

OMG, I totally missed that! I wrote the first command and took the artical dead-serious. Well that puts things in a different perspective. My bad!