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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Men in White Towels Part 2

I know what you're thinking. This is a terrible series of posts. Who likes to see hot guys wearing a towel, teasing us, but not showing us his privates? This series is torture! 

Well, suck it up! Here comes another onslaught of hot men draped in white cottonny fabric!

As if there was ever any doubt that Mario will start us off!

Alex Inkfit. Camden Brooks.

Chase Ketron. Drew Ater.

Zac Smith. Ripp Baker.

Chris Ryan.

Adam Bucci. Cedric (CJ) Pang.

Josh Wise. Chad Olson.

Caua Reymond (the picture name is spelled wrong). Diego Cardozo.

Nick Ayler. Wes Holland.

Steven Chevrin. Torben Konig.

David Gandy. Samuel Finn.

Marlon Teixeira. Sean O'Pry.

Brandon Hupp. Eric Etebari.

Aurelien Muller. Tomas Guarracino.

Help me identify these unknowns!


Anonymous said...

Why do they keep photoshopping (smoothening complexion) Marios' face and body? He looks like a plastic ken doll with those excessive and fake-looking effects. Poor man, some ruggedness (and 'imperfection') is fine. He's infinitely more manly with those human-like 'imperfections'!

Fit Studs said...

Chris Ryan is the man. Talked to his wife actually, told her we're hella jealous! He's so gorgeous, it's crazy!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I had multiple "swoonings" viewing these gorgeous towels...

Rex said...

I love towel pics, and you have great taste, as always...

Jan said...

I actually prefer the white towel shots to 100% nude. Imho, a man's privates are better left private -- not displayed to the entire world but rather reserved for intimate moments.