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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Men in White Towels Part 1

So what are the criteria for this post? First, the towels must be white (Yes, I'm being color-ist today). The towels must also cover the waist area/private parts of the men, even if not completely around their waists (In other words, they can't just drape the towel around their neck). Other than that, all's fair in love and towels.

We will obviously start with our Man of the Month!

Artiom Oshiko.

Ben Palacios.

Chuck Ryan Strogish.

Eddie Cibrian.

Isaiah Mustafa.

John Suazo.

Jordan Martinez.

Justin James.

Kirill Dowidoff.

Mattias Ramos.

Michael Hoffman. Is his towel really white? Hmmm....

Moronai Kanekoa.

Pablo Hernandez.

Steve Grand.

Tom Clune.

Tyrone Nell.

William Levy.


Hot guys pictures said...

Of course Mario is a top we all want. XD
But I also like Eddie Cibrian, he's such a daddy material nowadays. :D Jordan Martinez has that madness in his eyes that I like. <3
Justin James... Never saw him before. Would remember that muscular body.

Fit Studs said...

Steve Grand can sing to me in bed while doing some other things too. :)

Spear said...

As for all of them, drop the damn towels