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Sunday, July 19, 2015

His Own Post: Max Emerson White Towel Selfies

Are you familiar with Max Emerson? If not, let me give you a rundown.
He is a model. With a lot of personality.
He is a light built model who is super ripped...so ripped, that he is perfect for underwear modelling.
He has a blog of his own, and he is an instagram fanatic.
And he also has a youtube channel.
A lot of time, he keeps some scruff on his chest, which is A+ for many of you.
And I guess what's most compelling is that of all the hot guys featured on this blog,
there is an ever slight higher chance of getting into his pants (or underneath his towel) simply for the fact that he is gay.

1 comment:

Hot guys pictures said...

Yeah, he's big on Instagram, saw him there first...
Then in a Adore Delano's music video. :)