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Monday, July 6, 2015

Build of a Man: Part 1

It has come to the point where I feel a need to address some comments made by a handful of folks who questioned my preference in male beauty. Despite the name of this blog, I do not possess the definitive formula to making the perfect man. What I have are my preferences, my personal taste, and yes, my biases, that makes me gravitate towards one guy over another. Therefore, some folks have formed the opinion that this blog offer too narrow a scope amongst the vast range of male beauty, and they are absolutely right.

I will apologize for many things about my blog: the lack of racial diversity; the overlooking of attributions to the photographers; the haphazard writing in some posts; its pure and blatant sexism; its pure and blatant objectification of men. But why would I apologize for specifically liking lean and muscular men, and featuring them often?

So...what kind of guy do I like? If you have followed my blog since the beginning (or are catching up by going through the archive), you should have a pretty good idea, but I will elaborate more below.

First off, I like lean men, as most people would concur with my opinion. So yes, I prefer the guy to the left over the guy on the right.

But what about muscularity? What is the amount of muscle on a man that I find sexiest?

Well, let's look back at men I have entitled as Men of the Week, Two Weeks, or Month.

The first type of body is what I'll call the Light Build. These men are perfect as fashion models because they look great wearing form-fitting clothes. Most of these men also have enough muscles to look great if asked to be shirtless. The epitome of this is one of my favorite men of all time: David Entinghe.
Other men in this category include Travis Davenport; Jimmy Brighton, and Bruno Rosendo.

While David is lean (let's not take that away from him), other men with light build are certainly more ripped than him, and therefore, they are asked to take off their shirt in photoshoots more often. Martin Pichler is the posterboy for the light build/super lean man. In my humble opinion, he has has one of the best abs in the business.

The next type of body is the Medium Build. There is a wide range of what I deem medium build, and therefore, most of the men I feature would fall in this category. These men are perfect for underwear modeling, as the muscularity of their bodies must constantly be on display. One of the finest examples of this body type is a former Man of the Month: Chad Pinther!
Other great men who fall under this category include Tyler Lough, Maxwell Zagorski, Chris Austad, Anthony Greenfield, and another Man of the Month: Brett Hollands.

The next type of body is the Fitness Build. There is no getting around to it: these men have muscle! The gym seems to be their second home. You'll find them gracing covers of fitness magazines, when they're not bronzed and flexing on stage at a fitness modeling competitions. And this goes without saying: they are super lean. And yes, I have been gravitating towards this type of physique more than ever before, and I won't apologize for it.

Mario Schafzahl, our Man of the Month, falls under this category.
Other men include David Kimmerle, Stephen Box, Sean Sanders.

Some people might think his physique is too much and are turned off by it. To me, Mario has achieved the peak of the male form. He is a living definition of manly perfection.

Indeed, there is a point of building one's body that is 'too much' for me. This is the Extreme Body Building. There is a huge difference between fitness modeling and bodybuilding, and it is all based on size. The aesthetic appeal of a man's physique dramatically drops off after the muscles reach a certain size.

Let's take a look at a case when a man has, for me, gone to the extreme end of building his body. Below Jiri Prochazka, who is titled with Man of the Week. He is also the man who greets you at the top of the blog! I think he is at his peak fitness form in these photos...

Jiri, however, was not content with his physique, so he went on to build more muscle over the years. Unfortunately, that means his sex appeal and level of approachability has diminished considerably in my eyes :(
While I wish I could have been there two years ago to tell Jiri that he was at his peak in terms of aesthetic appeal, I'm sure he wouldn't have listened. There is nothing that will stop a man this determined to achieve a perfection that he has set in mind. And at the end of the day, if this is the physique that truly makes him proud, than I'm glad he has achieved it.

Tomorrow, I'll also feature another Man of the Month whose muscle mass has fluctuated somewhat dramatically...


uncle barry said...

In my opinion keep posting pictures of men you love and if others don't like them let them find another blog

Anonymous said...

I agree with Uncle Barry...do that voodoo that you do so well...I enjoy all the posts...

John C said...

"uncle barry" has a good point!

Excellent post. Your work is appreciated. All the Best.

Hot guys said...

Maxwell Zagorski, Mario & David are Gods... So handsome, it's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Your blog indeed. I hope you don't censor or censure dissenting opinions just because, well, just because they are dissenting. Trolls should be dealt with of course, but I'm quite sure you can see the difference... I for one find the likes of Mario Schafzahl already crossing the line for my taste. I like them lean and shows some muscle, but not to the point I think they are in the gym almost 24/7. Gosh I met so many of those kinds in real life and they are really some dullards...

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize for the lack of diversity. It is such an over-used word that it is meaningless. Like it's the magic pill for a magical utopia that will never exist. Frankly some types of men just aren't sexy so keep posting what you like. I'm not complaining.

Rex said...

You have such an excellent eye that you need apologize to no one. Keep up the great work!

As always, thanks for being a great "teacher" too. You analysis of male body types, pics, beauty. GREAT