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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Build a Man: Drew Pare

Yesterday, I talked about the 4 types of build of the male body (Light, Medium, Fitness, and Extreme). I also featured a Man of the Week who (in my opinion) went overboard in building his body. Today, I'll feature another man whose muscle mass has shifted over the years.

Let's talk about Drew Pare!
When I first laid eyes on Drew, he was at a Medium build. He was certainly built enough to look like Superman, so I even made a video of him implying such.

Then for whatever reason (whether medically or professionally), Drew lost weight. His build was now Light (and only a little lean).

Then he moved out of the country to do more modelling.
Here he is for a Colombia based underwear company.
We see that he has gained back some mass, though he is still not as lean as he was before.

In the most recent photos of him, I have great news!
Drew has packed back on his muscle, and he is as lean as I remembered him!
Plus, that facial hair and little chest scruff makes him ever more sexy!
Personally, I'm very glad to see Drew's body has rebounded to tip-top shape. But which version of Drew Pare most appeals to you?


Big D said...

Light build and only a little lean was extremely sexy!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post ! Thanks.

John C said...

You did a first rate job making a very attractive video -- great soundtrack, too.
Drew Pare was born to model. With his sparkling blue eyes and lean build, he enhances anything he wears.
Good Luck to him -- he's got a solid career ahead!

Hot guys pictures said...

Of course I like this one as well...
Love your taste in men. Drew is so dreamy!

Hot guys pictures said...

So freakin' sexy, it's crazy. Love this. <3

Anonymous said...

He looks best in the underwear for a Colombia based company. Facial hair looks good on him too.

Rex said...

Love the analysis, and the posts!