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Friday, July 24, 2015

Body of a Man: Muscles on the Side

After yesterday's anatomy lesson, let's take a look at more examples of men beautiful muscles on the side.

Mario starts us off!

Anton Narinskiy.

David Kimmerle.

Jose Ruiz.

Alex and Charlie Kotze.

Kyle Clarke.

Logan Taylor.

Matthew McGue.

Nicholas and Campbell Pletts.

Peter Hinwood.

Rene Grincourt.

Steven Dehler.

Steven Michaels.

Vince Sant.

Will Grant.

1 comment:

Hot guys pictures said...

Mario could get it for sure, by now everybody knows that. :) But also, David Kimmerle is a DILF & Kotze brothers would make me break my rule of "no threesomes". xD

I had such a crush on Kyle Clarke back in the day, I discovered him on Instagram & stalked him like crazy. ^_^ I'm fine now. You can keep the other guys. ;)