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Friday, July 10, 2015

Body of a Man: Lift It Up Again

The Lift It Up post last month was one of the more successful ones in recent memory (in terms of shares, comments, and page views), so I think it's time to make another post in this series. This time, you get to see the faces of these men, most of whom will be identified.

Of course we must start with our Man of the Month.

Adam Ayash.

Anthony Cadrecha.

Bruno Cacace.

Chris Krueger.

Colt Prattes.

Jiri Prochazka.

Justin Busiere.

Max Emerson.

Michal Gronowski.

Rob Rea.

Tavi Castro.

Tim Hartman.

Will Grant.


Hot guys pictures said...

Mario, Max, Anthony... The guy from Men's Health too.
They could all get it, gorgeous guys! ^_^ Btw, didn't know it was Mario who's in that 2nd picture. That pic is legendary, saw it so many times online but never knew who it was.

Rex said...

These are truly wonderful! Even more wonderful than your average posts! Thanks