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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anatomy Lesson: Muscles on the Side

Since we have the pleasure of featuring Mario Schafzahl as our Man of the Month, and since he is the living embodiment of muscular perfection, it would be absentminded on my part to not use this opportunity to quiz my readers on the muscular anatomy of a man!

Today, we'll focus on the muscles that beautifully frame the side of a man. Though the images have numbers of them, if you click on them, you will see the unmarked image. Use the numbers to answer the following questions...


Anonymous said...

Yup..mario is physique perfection. Next up for MOTM...I say Pietro Boselli!

Define A Man said...

Pietro will likely be a Man of the Week, or Man of Two Weeks. But I don't award Man of the Month too easily.

Rex said...

FUN and a good review!


Hot guys pictures said...

Never enough of Mario! :) But I agree, Pietro gets my vote too.