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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weird Obsession

Okay. Here's the deal. I like hot guys!

When I see a hot guy, I take notice.

No matter if he is live in front of me, no matter if he is just a complete stranger passing by me in the mall, or if he is the hottest guy at my gym. No matter if he is a model or celebrity or just an amateur taking a selfie. No matter if he is walking down a high-fashion runway, gracing the covers or inside pages of magazines, or 'getting by' in print catalogs...I take notice.

I also take notice of hot stand-ins with no lines in movies and TV shows, and hot guys in commercials, and hot guys on covers of romance novels.

So why am I telling you the obvious?

Well, now that it is summer, Wal-Mart and other stores are putting up their wet-summer-fun supplies, and so this is the season in the year where I get to check out the guys featured on the boxes of above-ground pools and other water-related items.

The guy I'm most obsessed about is this gentleman (yes, this is a cropped picture I took with my cell phone).
 I just couldn't look away when I saw this guy. His arms were so magnificent, and his abs were amazing. His pecs were sculpted from marble. He was an aquatic adonis.

Of course, when I discover a guy this magnificent...I gotta find more of him!

So I did some looking around the internet, searching for more pix of pools by the same brand, believing that the company would want to use the same model they paid for multiple times...and here is the fruit of my labor.

And here's another set of photos, cropped, uncropped, and differently backgrounded.

Another set.

Here, he's joined with another hot guy!

And here's the last set.
The two images are pictures I took with my cell phone.

So, how weird is my obsession? Am I a freak for googling all I can find on this guy? Do I need to seek a psychiatrist and get diagnosed? Comment below!

Also, if you know this guy's name...you better tell me!


Mark said...

Sorry..you're normal!

Anonymous said...

Obsess away! you're entitled .....you could pick a worse obsession...

Anonymous said...

Unless you're neglecting sleeping or eating, I wouldn't say it's a problem. What a fun way to pass the time!