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Monday, June 8, 2015

Sexiest Pose: Climb Out of the Pool Part 2

Caution: The onslaught of sexiness presented in this post may be too much for some viewers to handle. If you are prone to profuse sweating, turn on the fan. If you have a heart condition, have 911 on speed dial. If you're prone to spontaneous combustion, find the nearest pool and jump in!

We'll start with David Kimmerle, a Man of the Week last year!

Then we have Chris Pratt who is currently one of Hollywood's leading hottie!

Mario Schafzahl. This man is perfection!

Drake Abshire.

Joe Slaughter.

Forgive me if I misidentified him: Sudheer Babu.

Josh Beech. Pepe Toth.

Amadeus Dupont. Tim Perry.

Angel Gallegos. Charles Austin Sanderson.

David Langlois.

Nick Pesola. Tyson Beckford.

Matt Gentile.