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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reveal His Face



Coolarrowify said...

Another hyper and artificially ripped man. Vile and not sexy. Can you post photos of real men with hair?

Fit Studs said...

I did reveal his face, he's an okay looking boy.
But that body, great job... I give him that! ^_^

Define A Man said...

response to coolarrowify:

To me there is a certain leanness that gets to be unappealing, but I don't believe he is at that point. And while having an extremely low body fat percentage can hinder aesthetic appeal, I think being lean is an admirable quality in a man, and certainly not vile.

As for hairiness, I've dated been ego are hairy and I never insisted that they shave their chest, but I personally prefer the look and feel of a smooth chest. Also, I'm naturally hairless and you seem to imply that being hairless doesn't make me a real man...