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Monday, June 1, 2015

My Thoughts on the Presentation of This Blog Part 1

Let me start off by saying that a photograph is the work of many talented people. While the subject (the hot guy) is to be admired, it is due to the person behind the camera and many supporting players to make such a photograph exist. I understand that my blog can reduce the marketable value of each photograph. Therefore, photographers, models, agencies, and advertisers have every right to claim back what is theirs and to stop further distribution of their images.

But it needs to be mentioned that I make no profit from this blog whatsoever. Monetizing this site, for however little it is worth, has always been a temptation, but will never be acted upon. In fact, big name websites have approached about paying me to advertise on my blog, and in return, I have even offered to advertise for them for free. I have also spent my own money (even in my college days) to purchase magazines just so I could scan some images and share them with the readers.

I created this blog, not because I wanted to jeopardize the photographer's economy, but I simply loved collecting pictures of beautiful men, and rather than hogging them in my own hard drive, I wanted to share these images. There is a cathartic experience to be able to say "Hey...look what I found!" to anybody who liked to see such images.

This is a photoblog, and therefore, the picture is the most important aspect to consider. Over the years, I've acquired a few tricks of the trade in retrieving HQ images. One of those tricks is to reverse-google-image a small image to find a version that is largest and most high quality. I am not happy to have to settle for an inferior version. I am, as they say, a 'size queen'.

Here is an example of an image that makes me unhappy...
The subject (hot guy), his pose, and the background is outstanding. This is one of the most gorgeous images my eyes have ever beheld. But clicking on the image results in the big disappointment. The image quality is mediocre, and the image size is just too darn small for my taste.

So an hot image like this deserves some of my time to scour the reaches of the internet (or at least google's image finder) to find the very best possible version. And here are the fruits of my labor...
I am able to find pictures that are 1200 and 1280 pixels wide...but MOTHER*BLEEP*ER, are you *bleep*ing kidding me? Where the *bleep* is the rest of the image? Why the *bleep* is it cropped? This is GOD*BLEEP* BULL*BLEEP*! This kind of thing irritates the *bleep* out of me!
The previous paragraph is an exaggeration of my reaction, but I am seriously disappointed when I just can't find the large HQ version of a picture that is otherwise flawless.

If for any reason, somebody has a full, uncropped HQ version of this picture...please share it with me! I will send you my love and be forever grateful.

More of my thoughts on my blog shall continue tomorrow. In the meantime, please leave a comment, and have a good day!


Anonymous said...

on a related note: have you ever been annoyed by blogs that have a really hot banner boy (or banner video still) but no way for visitors to find out who it is?

I have :-)

you could place the link into the "welcome" box on the left...

Anonymous said...

I have always found your blog offers very satisfactory...I appreciate that you take the time to share these extraordinary pictures. Cropped or otherwise, it is more than I could ever find and I thank you very much for all your effort.

Define A Man said...

To the first anonymous, if you're talking about the banner boy of my blog...his name is Jiri Prochazka, and he was featured as a Man of the Week when I first changed the banner.

To the second anonymous, thanks!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I noticed him at the time, but thank you nevertheless.