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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FMK These Below The Buckle Bods

If you're not familiar with FMK...I'll introduce three guys, and you tell me which guy you want to F*ck, which guy you want to Marry (with the benefit of F-ing for a lifetime), and which you want Kill (or have nothing to do with).

Mr. Obviously

Mr. Jor


So, who would you F, M, K without seeing their face?


Anonymous said...

F*ck Mr. Obviously, Marry Mr. PPU and give my address to Mr. Jor...I'll take care of that for you...

Anonymous said...

I'd F*ck Mr. PPU,
I'd Marry Mr. Obvious,
I'd K*ll to have a Three-Way with Mr. Obvious & Mr. Jor!