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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Michal Kyselica and Pal

We get to enjoy seeing Michal shirtless along with his friend. Two for the price of one. Score!
Because blogger automatically shrink pix that are larger than 1600 pixel high or wide, I cropped out the 'boring' space to the sides of the original picture, in order to minimize the drastic shrinking of the images, and to maximize the number of pixels that form their gorgeous bodies.
If you want to see the original pictures in their original size, you'll have to google him.
And if you find more significant pix of him out there, you better tell me about it!
That's all I have of Michal...Hope you enjoyed discovering him as much as I did. Let's all hope he comes out with new pix soon!


Anonymous said...

I am really missing the good looking and smart hunks and I am really fed up with these muscle packages.

Define A Man said...

how can you tell if a guy is smart based on a photo?