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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Aaron Thornton at the Pool

It's been two unusual seasons of weather out here in the Midwest. After a dry winter, this has been an extremely wet spring. Minor and major floods are happening everywhere. People might be getting a little sick of water. If there was a way to ship all the water to California, I'm sure people would be happy to do so.

But summer promises to be a nice one. And summer means shedding off the winter jackets and spring raincoats (and maybe a few extra pounds) to get closer to nature, by approaching the freedom of our birthday suits without getting arrested.

Summer is also the ideal time to merge two major bodies together, by which I mean your body and a body of water. And if you're in a land-locked state, the nearest body of water is usually manmade...namely, the swimming pool or local water park.

So for a week or two, I'll be featuring guys at the pool. And I think Aaron Thornton is the man to start us off! Hope you enjoy!
And Aaron brought a friend along!

1 comment:

Ralph D said...

Aaron is definitely an alpha male. Great muscular body. He always looks like the dominant one in any photo shoot or movie with other guys. Look at the "package" on Aaron. I'd like to see that monster let loose.