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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Muscle Tees Part 1

This is my definition of what muscle tees are NOT:
  1. Muscle tees are not tight shirts that hug the muscles of a man's torso. 
  2. Muscle tees are not the 'muscle' costume one might wear on Halloween.
  3. Muscle tees are also not just tank tops or 'wife-beaters' that simply shows off a man's shoulders and arms.

This is my definition of what muscle tees ARE:
  1. Muscle tees are shirts with very deep cut arm (torso) holes.
  2. Muscle tees are for guys who want to be shirtless, but still have to follow the dress code of the gym.
  3. Muscle tees require  little to no imagination on the part of the admirer to picture the man shirtless.
  4. Muscle tees must AT LEAST expose a man's pectorals (and nipples).
  5. Muscle tees, IDEALLY, will expose a man's pecs, nipples, obliques, and abs.
  6. Muscle tees can be purchased/ordered. Often called 'air muscle tees'.
  7. Muscle tees can be custom made by cutting holes on the side of a regular t-shirt.
  8. Muscle tees can also be overly sized tank tops where the regular arm holes will now expose the pecs.
We of course always start a mega-themed post with our Man of the Week!

Andre E.

Kevin Baker.

Paul Vandervort.

Reinaldo Dalcin.

Ryan Terry.

Samyr Fuly.

Toby James.

Tyler Lough.

This is Joe Locicero. Thanks for the ID!

Dylan Austin Scott!

Thanks for the ID! Todd Finlay!


Anonymous said...

I believe the last guy is Aussie -Todd Finlay (http://chadwickmodels.com/models/todd-finlay/)

Anonymous said...

The guy in the last four photos is Todd Finlay.