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Friday, January 9, 2015

Shirtful Drew Kenney

*This post was originally published 3/4/14. No new pictures were added, nor were any taken down. There were no accompanied text previously. All the words you read are new*

As I looked back in the year and rediscovered/remembered some of the men I've presented, Drew Kenney was a man I was happy to be reacquainted with.
I was a little disappointed to find no comments for him, but I was more disappointed in myself for not taking a moment to say a few words about him.
 As some of you may know, Drew was a contestant on the Bachelorette, the season with Desiree (which also produced the infamous bachelor Juan Pablo). If choosing your soul mate was as easy as looking at the photographs of her suitors, I think Desiree would have chosen Drew hands down.
 With a bright smile and a to-die-for body, Drew might not have been Desiree's choice...but he was the #1 eye-candy of the season (No, I do not watch the show, but I'm thankful for screencaps online).
The pic on the left with the blue background is the promo pic for the TV show. Gorgeous, huh?
At any rate, I will post new shirtful pix of Drew Kenney tomorrow, and in days to come, you'll get to see him shirtless (again).

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LiterateDog said...

I would take that any time, any day. That man is FINE!