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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

It's almost half of another decade gone by! Can you believe that? When I was younger, I thought that a decade was eternity. But then the first decade of the 21st century arrived and the 10 years of high school and college flew by in the blink of an eye...We only have 365 more days before we truly reach the halfway point of the decade...and while that might seem too long for some people, I know it'll zip by fast for me...

Can you believe the iPad was released only five years ago? In 2010, the number of smartphone users in the US was 62.5 million (I was NOT among those folks). In 2015, the number of smartphone users is predicted to nearly triple that...182.6 million (I am NOW among these folks). In 2010, all my movie collections were on DVD, and now, I try to get a combo set of Bluray, DVD, and digital copy (preferably UV) to make the most use out of the movies I love. In 2010, Jennifer Lawrence was only emerging into the spotlight with the critically-acclaimed indie film Winter's Bone (I didn't care for it very much), and now, she is the biggest star of the decade. In 2010, Taylor Swift was country, and now she is apologetically pop..for better or worse.

In 2010, I was at the top of my game in blogging. There was a new post scheduled every day. I was able to crank out Men of the Weeks left and right. Every photo was sized to fit the frame of the blog perfectly.

But in 2014, I let it slide a little (or a lot). This blog went through long periods without any updates, and those that came up were haphazardly dashed together. To make matters worse, the blogger program automatically puts a margin between the photos I upload, so I have to delete the html codes to make them fit together better...so I often just ignore that issue. (Any blogger out there who knows how to permanently get rid of those margins, please tell me)

In 2015, my new year resolution is to bring back the standard I set in 2010.

1) There will be a post every day. Even if I have to do it after the fact (set the post to appear in the time it was supposed to appear).

2) Each image will be the best version of that image I can find on the internet. And it will be resized and fitted to properly showcase the beauty of the men.

3) At the end of every month, there will be an END of the month post, featuring the lovely derrieres of our finest men.

In addition to meeting the standards of 2010, I will also set new standards!

1) There will be at least two pictures a day.

2) Also, I am issuing a Not Safe for Work Wednesday where I will post images that are Xtremely risque. This might include simply a man and his endowment (usually flaccid) or a couple engaging in sexual acts (usually no penetration will be seen). The photo on the main page will be cropped or edited somehow to only show skin, but it will be linked to the unedited image.

3) There will also be featuring more of something that I hope you notice and appreciate more...I'll see if you can figure out what that is without me telling you.

So here's the two pix of the day that I promised....Thanks Chase Isaacs for delivering us into a sexy New Year!


Steven Lester said...

He could play an fine Army Ranger or Navy Seal. Bold and fearless.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Looking forward to following you in 2015. Have a great year.

Anonymous said...

I say forget rules and post when you have time to post. When it becomes a second job is when it is no longer fun for you to continue. It is a labor of love and, I think, most people realize that. Your fans appreciate your posts no matter when you have the chance to do them. Selfishly I wold love them as often as possible, but I'd rather have them keep coming long term than to burn you out and lose them completely.

Rex said...

Love the look!