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Monday, December 22, 2014


Artem has what I call the face-body mismatch syndrome. Sometimes I see a picture of a ruggedly handsome man and I expect to see a massive body, but instead, the guy is pretty lanky. Other times, I see a cute young guy but then I'm taken aback when I see his huge, cut body. Artem would fall in the later category. Do you agree, or do you think he's perfect the way he is?


Anonymous said...

Hey hey ... I agree with you - he is overmuscled ... the bodybuilder-look does not suit him very well.
Only his abs are only a bit too much and do look good.

Anonymous said...

He's perfect the way he is. Why predetermine what face matches what body. He gets credit not only for his cute face but also his mental strength in achieving that body.