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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cutie Patootie

Is it offensive to call a full-grown man a cutie patootie? If so, I'm really sorry...
He's a total boytoy.
Still offensive? My apologies again. He's actually a trophy husband! Still offensive? Well, then, he's my wet dream.
Was that worse? Okay, okay, okay, what he is...is a wholesome, good-hearted all American guy that I'd like to bang hardcore til the end of days.
Okay, don't give me that face!
 If you think you can do better, try describing the yumminess of this guy without being offensive.
It's impossible!


Joshua said...

Oh, he IS delightful! Cutie-patootie works well! Hehehe

Jetri H said...

Agree on his cutie-ness.
He does not look American though - more a Euro boy-toy maybe?