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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shirtful Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson is a South African model.
He's also a model who doesn't mind accepting strangers as Facebook friends. :)
While Lee is obviously a gorgeous man, there was something about him that seemed very familiar. Almost cookie-cutter.
Was he cast from the most perfect mold of a male specimen?
If so, who was the original model for that mold.
His narrow eyes, pronounced chinline...who does he remind me of?
After quite a few hours of contemplating, the lightbulb finally flashed on.
I won't give it away in this post. But I'll hint as to who I think Lee Thompson resembles.
This man has appeared on many Men's Health covers.
He has a career spanning decades.
He is to me the most handsome man on the planet.
And he is MY HUSBAND (in the wishful thinking kind of way).
Comment below who you think Lee Thompson looks like (or guess who I think he looks like).


Rex said...

Awesome dude

Anonymous said...

does he remind you of david entinghe? :P

Define A Man said...

Lol. Not David entinghe

Define A Man said...

Lol. Not David entinghe