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Saturday, July 12, 2014


So I saw this pic as a profile pic on grindr. 
What is the logic of posting this pic?
Obviously, this is not the real user.
Why bother posting a picture if you know no one will believe you look like this?


Simon said...

I asked once such guy what was his intentions with using of such photo, as reply I got "this". By this he meant that I sent him a message, so such people are just luring people into chat. I totally understand it. Grindr community is a very sad community. People don't chat with you if you don't look like that guy. So people use such tricks just to get little of attention. Can't blame them.

George Safford said...

Your piece on aging was quite wonderful. At 71 I still enjoy pix of beautiful men of whatever age, but younger ones are best! At my age, though, I still feel and appreciate the wonders of life! Thanks for acknowledging the passage of years with dignity.

George Safford

Anonymous said...

Why was that obviously not him? Are you in NYC, LA, or SF? If not, I can imagine your suspicion. I agree with the other posters about false profiles to draw attention, but there really are some real guys that look like this.