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Monday, July 21, 2014

For some strange reason...

David Kimmerle seems proud of his abs...Like...really really really proud.
And that's really strange to me, because...I don't see anything special!
I don't see anything to write home about.
What's so special about being so lean that you can see all eight chunks of the rectus abdominus?
What's so special about the V-cut figure caused by flared obliques?
What's so special about being able to handwash your on clothes by the riverbank with your own abs?
What's so special about having the ability to make people faint when you lift up your shirt?
Am I supposed to be impressed or something?
I totally know what dog is saying...
"Ugh, get that thing off my bed...GROSS!"
So, what do you think that dog is thinking? Should David put his shirt back on? Or should we continue to explore other parts of his very UNimpressive body...


BobMD said...

Well since he (you?) are displaying them so prominently, my 'critique' is that they are a bit overdone. Actually, excessively overdone, too cut or shaped or whatever. But, nice!

The scruffy hair on his chest needs to be shaved. Weirdly distracting, and just strange given how he has worked on his body.

Ralph said...

I love the beauty of David Kimmerle's biceps in Picture 1.

Anonymous said...

I get an abdominus erectus everytime I see him. Perfection.