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Thursday, July 17, 2014

FMK These Book Covers

Let's call him the Warrior.

Let's call him the Angel.

Let's call him the Marine.

Comment below what you think is the hottest cover (MARRY), the second hottest (FUDGE), and the least attractive cover (KILL). Also, special bonus, do you know what all three covers have in common?


Anonymous said...



But who cares..they are all the same person...airbrushed or not...I'm in LOVE

David Templeton said...

FMK? Well, I wouldn't marry any of them, just pretend we're on a honeymoon for a while. Fu** kind of goes hand-in-hand with a honeymoon. And kill...I don't know if anyone would die from a broken heart, but when I left them there would be that possibility. :-D

Also, isn't the model the same person on all three covers? I notice because of the dimpled chin.

Anonymous said...

the same model?

Anonymous said...

It's David Kimmerle...and I'd eff him no matter what cover he was on.

Olivier from Switzerland said...

But it's 3 times the same guy ?
F Warrior
M Angel
K Marine

Anonymous said...

F Marine
M Warrior
K Angel

but if they are all David K, there would be no K!