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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Thought: On Aging

In a perfect world, we would never age. We would all always be in our prime. We could smile, laugh, cry, frown, make our favorite ugly face as much as we want without fear of forging permanent indentations in our skin, otherwise known as wrinkles. Building lean muscle is just a matter of sticking to a diet and working out hard enough; the results we see is fast and satisfying. Keeping that body is just sticking to that routine, never having to work harder for less gain or to barely maintain year after year. Getting gorgeously tan without fear of skin-cancer, or the more rapid aging in our 30s. But a perfect world is a fantasy world.

We live in the real world, where aging brings you down physically and agism brings you down psychologically. And in the cut-throat world of modelling, aging and agism is hyper-real. One moment, you're the hottest guy gracing Men's Health, only to be replaced a few years later and resigning to live the rest of your career clothing catalogs. With a constant turnover, there will never be a shortage of hot men, but there will be a continually growing number of men past their prime and nostalgic for the days when they were the most desired human beings in the world.

I realize my blog serves to exploit the fleeting beauty of mankind, and I recognize that agism is inherent in what I do. I however do not feel the need to apologize, because if I had to apologize, that would mean I have done something abhorrently wrong, and that I might as well quit and shut down this blog. But I personally love what I do--admiring men at their finest.

I am thankful that as technology evolves, the archive of male beauty naturally expands as well. When internet exploded in the 90s, you'd be hard pressed to find any decent HQ picture of your celebrity crush, so one would have to rely on magazines for the best clearest photographs. Now, all you need to do is google image and select for LARGE image and you'll find the best shirtless picture of your crush. So even as our current favorite guys grow older, they will at least always be able to show their children and grandchildren what they looked like in their prime, as digital copies of their images are shared from site to site, blog to blog, harddrive to hardrive, admirer to admirer.

So what's my through line? Aging sucks, but now that everyone has access to a camera, take pictures of yourself or hire a photograph and forever encapsulate your beauty in the present.


On a similar note, I'd like to specifically highlight blogs in my blogroll that takes pride in featuring men of certain age.

There is of course Georgeous Men Over 40, which says it all in the title. A rarely-wordful photoalbum of men who have matured very well.

Vintage Gay Media History features men in their young prime, but often in the past (hence vintage). This is an insightfully wordy blog with enough great pictures to win over the non-readers.

Boomer Beefcake and Bonding is an admiration of gorgeous men in the past and present, a candid memoir of the writer's pretty interesting past, and a review of the homosexuality and heterosexism  (don't know what that is, read the blog to find out) as depicted in TV and movies. These are actually some of the books the writer has written.


Rex said...

Interesting thoughts

Anonymous said...

I thought the statement you posted here was very nicely written and made a extremely good point. I agree with you so "Thumbs-Up".
Enjoy visiting your blog here every day... thanks for all the work.

Anonymous said...

I'm 67 y/o...I LOVE your posting..Youth has its day and I enjoy every minute of it...I don't see an "agism"..I see gorgeous young men and I appreciate it very much..Thank you.