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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Re-re-revisiting Logan McNeil

I just love discovering new pix of old favorites. Logan McNeil's first appearance on this blog was in an August 2009 post.
His second post was Nov 1, 2009, in which I bemoaned the fact that his pictures are hard to come by. With help from fellow post readers, I quickly discovered more pix of him, so his third and fourth post came soon after.
Then there was a year-long drought of new Logan McNeil pix. :( Even though in March 2010, Logan had the privilege of being an escort for the Oscars, so it was a delight to see his face and statuesque physique on TV. Logan finally returned to the blog in November 2010; he was as spectacular as ever.
Then a miserable 2+ years of drought, before we got a chance to revisit Logan in January 2013, this time, sporting a bit of a shaggy chest. And so now we've come to today, a year and a half later!

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