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Monday, June 23, 2014

Beach Breeders

 Here's my line of thought when I see a happy straight couple:

Ugh. Heterosexuals. Always flaunting their 'normal'ness in public. Ugh. Barf.
 Oh, wow, the guy's cute. That girl ain't good enough for him (Logan McNeil).

Get off him, girl! Abdel Abdelkader and his abs are mine!

 Girl, puh-lease, with your pose. 
The guy (Benjamin Evans) barely has to do anything, and he's 10 times hotter than you.

Hands off my Jay Kenneth Johnson.

 Kasey Kahl, what's with this kissing and piggy back ride that straight couples like to do?

What's with these longing looks into each other's eyes?
Ryan Guzman and Sasha Knezevic aren't for you to look at ladies.
They're for me to look at!

Oh, come on Scot Sanborn. You don't have to lie to yourself. You know you don't want her.

Now that she's asleep...whoever you are cute guy...
now's the time to crawl under my beach umbrella.

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Rex said...

Very, very nice...