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Monday, February 3, 2014

FMK These Faceless Bods

I have a feeling this is going to be the toughest FMK decision ever! Goodness gracious, I definitely can't make up my mind. I wanna see you guys try! What superficial rubric would you use to compare the bodies of three extremely lean, pretty perfect men?

We'll call this first guy Mr. Jeans.

This guy will be Mr. Stripes

And this guy will be Mr. White!


Anonymous said...

Mr Jeans F, Mr Stripe K, Mr White M

Anonymous said...

Kill Mr. Jeans, Fuck Mr. Stripes and Marry Mr. White

Anonymous said...

Ok based on which body looks most tasty (also dependent on lighting) and the face I expect to go with it:

F: stripes
M: white
K: jeans

Olivier from Switzerland said...

Fuck Mr. Stripes
Marry Mr. Jeans
Kill Mr. Whites (just because we need one)

Anonymous said...

F Mr. Jeans
K Mr. Stripes
M Mr. White