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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Facial Recognition

As much as I think the 'body of a man' is worth celebrating, it's hard to deny the appeal of a beautiful man's face! Fortunately, our man of two weeks Sean Sanders has both a beautiful face and magnificent body. So while we admire the fact that he won the genetic lottery, let's also showcase a few other men who share the winning number.

This is Sean Sanders.

Gorgeous Colton Hayes.

Of course we have our Man of Steel Henry Cavill.

Jonathan Toews is a Canandian ice hockey player (Olympic hopeful).

Kyle Dean Massey.

Lucas Malvacini.

Steve Boyd.

I'm pretty sure I will get a comment from an upset reader if I don't include this guy: Matthew Bomer.

Two unknowns.

And three faces that will be missed!


Anonymous said...

No one quite a beautiful as Matt Bomer

Garth Mailman said...

Buy these guys a razor