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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Body of a Man: Back and Front

Another edition of Front and Back sides of a man, featuring our Man of two Weeks: Sean Sanders (and his friends.)

Alexandre Carneiro.

Anthony Greenfield.

Arthur Kelley.

Benjamin Evans.

Don't know the name of this butler in the buff.

Kyle Wicks.

This is Pink's hunk from "Try!" Colt Prattes.

Bel Ami's Derek Raser.

Filip Gustavsson.

Thanks for the ID. This is Kaylan Falgoust.

Philip Fusco.

Bernardo Velasco.

All I know is his first name is Rob.

Sean Lerwill.


Jeff (UK) said...

I think that the guys name you omitted/forgot is Kaylan Morgan Falgoust. I believe he's Landon Falgoust's brother..

Anonymous said...

the second Anthony Greenfield pic is actually Eian Scully (a personal favourite of mine)

Ray Mahloji said...

Ray Mahloji loves this!

Anonymous said...

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