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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Union Suits?

For me, a hot guy is a hot guy is a hot guy. Other than being in drag, he can wear pretty much anything and still look sexy to me. And even though union suits are not the most fashionable clothing item, there's still something about a man all wrapped it like a present...and the chance of unwrapping him...gets me excited. So, what's your opinion on union suits and the men who wear them?


Anonymous said...

A hot man is going to be hot, no matter what he wears, lucky dog... and a union suit, with all those buttons going down the front, makes for many degrees of revealing what's inside. And just the thought of undoing each button...! Oh, the building heat of delayed gratification!

MOUSEtrip said...

mhhhh I like it.
I think that "union suits" are the Sexy fashionable clothing item, because you can see the wonderful curves of the body beyond and you ming fly .... looks like in this photos -
who wears a suit so often reveals personality, humor and very erotic.