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Monday, January 20, 2014

Before and After Tattoo

Adam Gregory was a hottie before he got his chest tattoo.

And fortunately, he's still a hottie after his tattoo. 


Anonymous said...

Less hot than before, but that's just me. Not particularly a tattoo fan myself. Smaller, discreet ones are ok, but that one is neither small nor discreet. How could someone with a body like that permanently mark it up in such a fashion and think that enhances it. Oh well. To each his own.

PS - I'm trying to type the text below to prove I'm not a robot. It'd be helpful to be able to read it; it's very tough to do so.

Kenneth Johnson said...

i can't change how the crypta text work. it's nothing i have control over.

and the weird thing is, i still get a lot of fishy comments that i have to delete.

Jeffrey said...

I personally love tattoos, but being a VERY non-religious person, I dislike ones of Bible verses. His looks good, if you ignore the actual text.

Anonymous said...

MuchMuchMuch hotter BEFORE the tattoo. He has a beautiful, natural body that is now spoiled. He has limited his appeal for modeling gigs as well. Tattoos will not always be in fashion. Young medical students should specialize in dermatology, with emphasis in tattoo removal. They will make a killing in the future!