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Friday, February 8, 2013

Anthony Greenfield is just soo EWWW

My fellow readers have voted. Your voice have been heard. So you don't want a guy to invade this blog for an extended period of time? But 3 days, really? Really???
3 whole days?! How could I possibly feature this dude for three days straight? You're killing me here!
I mean, look at this guy. He is so FUGLY! Who in there right mind would want to look at him for 3 days straight? Ugh!
Anyhow, your wish is my command. I will try to do my best to stretch this bozo out for 72 hours, even if he only deserves a nanosecond of our time. 
I hope it doesn't ruin your weekend. 


Anonymous said...

His *only* flaw is small calves. Other than that he's perfect. Just sayin..

David said...

I think he's kinda cute. I'd accept an invitation to go out with him. :-)