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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Warning: Do not click on special if you do not want to see NSFW special content.

It's a special day for me. Why is it special you ask? Well, that's for you to guess if you don't know already.

Anyhow, on this special occasion, I wanted to present a very special guy. A guy who truly caught my eye. Probably the most perfectly special specimen that Sean Cody has ever discovered!

I hope you enjoy this special feature on this spectacular guy.

More of him tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This business about "special" is exactly the kind of humour I like most.
Thanks for it.

Dan said...

I'm loving the blue-eye dark hair combination.

Simon said...

Oh now, I get it why he is so SPECIAL!

J Hasri said...

He has a good 'ready to please' vibe. Does his arm tat means he is 'made in China'?

Jeffrey said...

Just wish the pics were bigger/higher res. But they're BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing this "special" young man! ;)

MARK CLARK said...