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Saturday, January 12, 2013

pretty in pink

It feels so good to get rid of 26 photos that's been clogging up my memory cards. I hope you don't mind me dumping these men on you. Hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. *wink*

 Daniel Broitman. The handsomest man of the bunch.

Arthur Keller. Hopefully, I won't forget his name again.

 Eugen Bauder.

Filip Gustavsson.

Christian De La Fuente.  Drew Dunscombe.

Pete Stellato.

 Joshua Michael Brickman (with the most scrumptious body of the bunch).

 Shane Calanan.

Simon Howard. Andreas Zi.

Steven Dehler.

Taric Kaljanac.

Todd Sanfield. and beautiful unknown.

 It's embarassing. Pitiful really. That I just can't think of his name...


Anonymous said...

I believe the last guy is Kevin Baker.

Anonymous said...

Kevin or his twin brother, Joel.

Jeffrey said...

While I'm really not a fan of pink, a couple of these guys do seem to wear it well! Particularly the last guy! Mmmmm...!! ;)

BearTalks said...

Not a big fan of pink, but that XTG underwear looks great! :)

Rex said...

Yeah, pink makes a hot dude hotter. Not sure why. Your layout does a LOT too, to enhancing pink cuteness. :)

Anonymous said...

its kevin baker, as this pic looks like its from international jock catalog.