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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Man of the Weekend: Kyle Pryor

When Spartacus: Blood and Sand first came out, I happened to watch the first two episodes online. In the second episode, I had my eyes on the guy in front, standing next to Andy Whitfield. His appearance in that series was short-lived to say the least. But he still made an impact on my mind (and in my loins), and I set out to learn his name: Kyle Pryor.
Then a few months later, I was watching Legend of the Seeker. In an episode called Walter, we have the Seeker fighting off a bunch of D'haran soldiers, like always. But one soldier's helmet flew off, and I thought, "Wow, he's pretty cute" before he fell down dead. Later, some body switcheroo magic thing happened in which the soldier is revived and becomes a very important part of the episode. Again, I just had to research who this fine-ass cutie was. And to my surprise, it was Kyle Pryor.
So, then on, I was hooked on this guy!
And yes, I do believe he looks much better with shorter hair!

So please enjoy these pix of him, and he'll be back tomorrow. Inside a tub. Wet. Shirtless!


HotPerth said...

Indeed, much better with shorter hair. Look forward to seeing him WET!!

Anonymous said...

You outdid yourself with this guy, he's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

To each his own. Definite hottie, but much more so with the longer hair. Oh yeah!