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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kyle Pryor In the Tub

These pictures by photographer TJ Scott belong in a series devoted to raising funds for Breast Cancer Research. These 'In the Tub' shoots mainly used actors from the TV series Spartacus, and while Kyle Pryor did have a small stint in it, I wonder why he was asked to do this photoshoot when his part in the series was so miniscule and long ago.

Here's some of my thoughts...

1) Even though Kyle's role was so small, he made an impression on TJ Scott and/or his team so they knew they should add his 'body of work' to the collection.

 2) Kyle might get another role in the upcoming season of Spartacus (one can hope, right?).

3) These photoshoots are from New Zealand, so any actor who happens to be in the area were recruited...

4) A combo of the three. Whatever the case may be, I AM SO GRATEFUL that it happened.
Those who know me can probably guess which is my favorite photo...


Anonymous said...

#2 abs

Jeffrey said...

Oooh...rub-a-dub-dub...!! ;)