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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FMK These Spartacus Actors

First up, we have Spartacus, himself, Liam McIntyre, who replaced the sadly departed Andy Whitfield in the tile role.
Next, we Have Christian Antidormi, who will appear in the upcoming third season, playing Tiberius, a young man trying to please his father by vanquishing Spartacus.

Finally, we have Todd Lasance...
who will play...

wait for it...
Julius Caesar! 

So, if these three men were pitted against each other in a battle to the death in hopes of winning your heart. And if you got to choose the outcome, how would it play out?

I'm waiting for 10 replies before I reveal my choices (or until Friday 10 PM my time, whichever comes first).


Simon said...

I miss Andy Whitfield. He was the best Spartacus ever.

Anonymous said...

Julius Caesar All the way.

Steven Lester said...

Everybody except for Julius will die because Julius is too clever to lose. In fact, during the middle of the battle, Julius will turn Spartacus into his aid against the kid, due to his superior political skills. Also, the best ab guy will always win, and that, I suspect, is Julius Caesar!

Anonymous said...

No Agron? Dan Feuerriegel is the best.

Jeffrey said...

Holy hotties, Batman!! Toughest FMK you've put to us, yet!! :p

Well...if I must choose (and I really don't want to choose...I want to fuck and/or marry all three!!), here are my choices:

F - Christian.
M - Liam.
K - Todd.

Bear in mind, I said I didn't want to kill ANY of them! All three are extraordinary specimens of manhood!

WOOF!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I would have to fuck Christian, marry Liam, and send Todd on his way. The marriage might fall apart if Liam gets rid of his steamy bathtub, though...

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Christian Antidormi is totally handsome. His facr is too cute for words. His body has a perfect build

Anonymous said...

Todd's just a hottie. He's got my vote.

Myron said...

F - Todd Lasance looks like he'd be really fun in bed.
M - Liam McIntyre is just hot and looks like a nice guy on top of that.
K - Sadly, Christian Antidormi just doesn't interest me enough to keep around, but he's super cute and I guess he could grow on me if I were allowed to marry two. =)

Christian H said...

Now to give you your tenth comment, I have to say I would definitely choose Christian.. Though would it be weird to be with someone who has the same name as you?

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Christian and Christian. Sitting on a tree. F U C K I N G.

haha, sorry, I couldn't resist.


I would most certainly marry Todd. His body is amazing, and I also think he has a great face.

I would F Christian, cuz he's freakin' cute.

I would have to give Liam McIntyre a sword and wish him luck fending off a couple of lions. (For being Spartacus, I do think it would be more impressive if his body was more well defined, and maybe work on his shoulders a bit more...but I'm just being a superficial bitch)

Christian H said...

Might be a bit difficult to do that in a tree... but what the hey, challenge accepted.

I haven't been following your blog for all too long but I've always liked what I've seen, keep up the good work.