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Sunday, January 20, 2013

3 Strikes, and you're in heaven!

Recently, I've struck upon rich ore deposits containing images of three of my favorite men ever: David Entinghe, Drew Pare, and Anthony Greenfield.

David Entinghe was Man of the Week.
That's not to say that I like him less than the other two men. These designations are almost arbitrary--it has more to do with how many images are available than how much space he occupies in my heart. In fact, David is my favorite of these three guys, and among my top 5 favorite male model of all time! If you're not familiar with David Entinghe, please click here to refresh your memory and be immersed in his angelic beauty.

Drew Pare was decreed Man of the Month.
He is also the bannerboy at the top of this website. I've also made a video in which I declared he was Superman. New images of him dwindled as he explored opportunities internationally, and for a while, I was suffering from a drought of this man. Thankfully, the drought is over and I can't wait to share more of him for you all! Click here to see all I have to offer of him so far.

Anthony Greenfield was Man of Two Weeks.
Among the three, he is the newest addition. Like Drew, he also reminds me of Superman. Anthony was among Cosmopolitan's bachelors in 2011, and his career has soared from there. Mr. Greenfield stands out from so many other models because he likes to keep a little fur on his torso, and it just makes him all the more drop-dead-sexy. Click here for my collection of his pix so far.

The reason for this long-ass writing is to show you the conflict I have right now. I want to dedicate February to these three men. But I can't figure out the best way to plan it.

So please look at the top of the website for the polls to make your selection on how I should plan February.

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