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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The current US Champion

Although not a fan of wrestling, I was familiar with WWE or WWF in the late-90s because my babysitter watched it. And yes, I did find some guys to be decently attractive.
But let's be frank, most of the wrestlers are beastly looking, in no way attractive to the human eye. Of the few good-lookers, most have idiotic personalities or shameful winning records. Then there are those who are popular enough to gain fame outside of wrestling--The Rock and John Cena.
Having never seen a single video footage of this guy, all I can judge about Antonio Cesaro is that he is an impressive looking guy (even in video game rendition of him). He's one of the best looking bald guys I've seen, reminding me of Jason Statham.
He stands 6 foot 5 and weighs 232 pounds. He's been called the Swiss Superman.
And his signature move is the Neutralizer (seen below)
Every wrestler has a gimmick. 
This has three. 
The first is his superiority complex--talking smack on the United States every chance he gets.
The other two are the boobs attached to that black-haired bombshell who's attached to his hip.
Whether you want it or not, more of him tomorrow!


Simon said...

Of course we want more of him! ;)

Steve said...

Look at the nipples on that powerful chest. How could we NOT want more of him?