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Friday, November 2, 2012

Cosmo Bachelors 2012 Part 2

These guys don't mind tantalizing us with a little more skin!
My Top 5 Open-Shirt Guy! 
1) Lance Parker, Mr. Oklahoma
2) James Eysenbach, Mr. Virginia
3)  Brian Leonino, Mr. Ohio
4) Adam Kenkel, Mr. Kansas
5) Jack Eckert, Mr. Indiana


mark said...

Day 2: Christian Kim

bsignacio said...

me gusto mucho tu blog, pasa por el mio !!



BosGuy said...

Scott from NJ - the first guy. I called him first so he's mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ohio is just about perfect. It's pretty clear the big attraction in Columbus is not the OSU Buckeyes.