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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cosmo Bachelors 2012 Part 1

In the November issue of Cosmopolitan each year (that hits newsstand in October), there is the annual collection of the most eligible single men in the 50 states and Washington DC. I always found it weird that the front cover rarely ever offers any hint about this special content. It's almost as if Cosmo is ashamed of their tradition.

Looking at this year's binders pages full of men got me disappointed. Don't get me wrong... There are many many many incredible looking guys here...but the editorial choice on the display of these men left something to be desired. There were only TWO men who were featured full-page, and to me, they were only mediocre...

Oh, well.

I'm splitting the 50+ men into three days. Starting off with the most conservatively dressed men and ending with some hot upper-body skin!

My Top 5 Shirted Guys are:
1) Pato Margetic, Mr. Michigan
2) Spencer Luczak, Mr. Utah
3) TJ Ford, Mr. North Carolina
4) Asa Dyer, Mr. Colorado
5) Nicholas Baldwin, Mr. Rhode Island

If you're not satisfied with how some of the scanned images turned out and you really really want a clearer/better version of a certain man, email me pleading your case as to why I should spend 15 minutes to scan and crop the pic for you!


P said...

1st day: Grant Wilkie

Anonymous said...

For my Top Five, I'd substitute Mr. Missouri or Mr. Massachusetts for Mr. Colorado. The order would be a bit different, too, but I'd still put Mr. Michigan on, er, top. ;)