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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cosmo Bachelors 2012 The Final Part

Introducing the men with the least amount of clothes on...

My Top Five Shirtless Men Are
1) Ahmed Zarrugh, Mr. Oregon
2) Kevin De St. Aubin, Mr. New York
3) Kenneth McNickle, Mr. Hawaii
4) Ryan Chenevert, Mr. Louisiana
5) Nick McCoy, Mr. Iowa

My Top Five Guys Overall
1) Lance Parker, Mr. Oklahoma
2) Pato Margetic, Mr. Michigan
3) Ahmed Zarrugh, Mr. Oregon
4) James Eysenbach, Mr. Virginia
5) Kevin De St. Aubin, Mr. New York


Anonymous said...

The best (from all three segments):

1. Scott Evans/New Jersey
2. Lance Parker/Oklahoma
3. David Whitehead/Mississippi
4. Mitchell Moore/Wisconsin
5. Brian Gourley/Tennessee

glen0330 said...

Is it me or is there a big difference between the looks of what "straights" think are hot and what gays think is hot? A few of Cosmo's men I think are nice looking but none that I'd go crazy over and consider "Bachelor of The Year".