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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who is the hottest olympian of all?

In the humble opinion of this blogger, this dude is!
Trey Hardee.
Arguably the best decathlete in the world!


Rex said...

Trey was not yet on my radar screen, but HE IS NOW. Will have to watch for him next week. Keep up the great coverage

Anonymous said...

Here we prefer our Pascal Behrenbruch. He also maybe will score higher points. Look and enjoy his well clean smooth and good use muskle


astar94 said...

Just saw Viet German boy Marcel Nguyen win Silver for best men gymnast. He looks perfect, more of a leaner muscled body than the over large broad ones on the USA gym boys.

Plus he's got that prefect perfect face!

K. said...

i like Matthew Mitcham, Thomas Daley and Marcel Nguyen...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is better, though not the best looking face. More runners and divers please.
The gymboys (and girls!) just looked too muscley to the point of chunkiness.

Mike said...

I have no problems whatsoever with the "gym boys." Every one is spectacularly beautiful in my book, and deserves huge credit for their hard work, discipline and dedication to their sport.