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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Theseus: Hero of Olympic Heritage

Finding pix of USA male gymnasts: fun!
Finding pix of USA male swimmers: sorta fun, but lots of work.
Finding pix of USA male track & fielders: ugh!
Finding pix of male Olympians from other countries who are famous: Exhausting.
Finding pix of male Olympians from other countries who are not famous and deciding whether they are good looking enough to go on this blog: SHOOT MY BRAINS OUT PLEASE!

Before I continue this Olympic trek and feature other hotties from other countries, I'm taking a one-day break from Olympic jocks to treat myself with the incredibly gorgeous Henry Cavill.

Do I hear any complaints?

Though the story could've been better, let's just say I had a great time watching Immortals on the big screen. My friend living in my trousers also enjoyed it as well.
And yes, I want to own this movie on Bluray!
So, if there's a special guy in my life and he's reading this post...this would make a fantastic Christmas present. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
My favorite part of a man! Let me run a line of syrup down his back and lick it up!
*Also to the special guy in my life who may or may not exist, I'm going to miss you!*
And yes, I CANNOT WAIT for Man of Steel! 
And I'm hoping the possibly imaginary special guy and I are still dating at that time,
 and we can drool see the movie together!


ernährungsplan said...

very good

glen0330 said...

Based on today's pics of Henry, if you want to take more than one day off from Olympic pics, I certainly would not mind if you post more like these. Incredibly handsome.

Anonymous said...

I've Love Henry since The Tudors, but on that show he always had a beard so you didn't get to enjoy his clean shaven beauty. Want to see him as Superman!

Anonymous said...

While I too first fell in love with Henry while watch THE TUDORS, I don't mind the beard but I am saddened to see that he has shaved his chest as well. He was an awesomely decorated MAN and came a long way from his first major role in COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO.

Rex said...

Really, really awesome... You can add me to the Christmas list. ;)